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ICP has been at the forefront of Asbestos Testing in Christchurch since the devastating earthquakes in 2011. We specialize in Asbestos Sampling, Air Monitoring, Risk Assessments, Surveys and Audits.

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International Construction Partners NZ Limited is a subsidiary branch of International Construction Partners USA, based in Florida.

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Large amounts of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’s) were used for a wide range of construction purposes in new and refurbished buildings until the nineties when all use of asbestos was banned. This extensive use means there are still many buildings in New Zealand which contain asbestos.

Workers who disturb the fabric of buildings during maintenance, refurbishment ,repair, installation and related activities may be exposed to asbestos every time they unknowingly work on ACM’s or carry out work without taking the correct precautions. The purpose of managing asbestos in buildings is to prevent or, where this is not reasonably practiable, to minimise exposure for these groups of workers and other people in the premises.

To prevent this exposure, information is needed on whether asbestos is, or is likely to be, present in the buildings, so that an assessment can be made about the risk it presents and appropriate measures put in place to manage those risks.